The Hall de l'Air

Section Air and Space of the MRA

The Hall de l'Air

Section Air et Espace of the MRA

The Hall de l’Air, opened to the public in 1972, is managed by the MRA, responsible for the arrangement of aircraft exhibits and their maintenance. The Hall contains only part of the collection as there is a lack of space to exhibit all of it. A comprehensive catalogue entitled «The Aviation Department of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels », describing the 144 exhibits as of 2016, is on sale at the Museum Shop.

Brief description of the collection exhibited in the Air Hall :

On the first floor can be found the gondolas and baskets of lighter than air machines, earliest powered flying machines, a remarkable and unique collection of original first world war aircraft, aircraft of between the wars and light aircraft post 1945.

On the ground floor, to the right as you enter the Hall, in front of the reconstruction of a workshop dedicated to the indigenous Stampe and Renard company, you will find examples of most of the fighter aircraft used by the Belgian Air Force since 1946. A collection of old aircraft engines is in the process of being consolidated into a unified exhibit at this moment.

Directly to the left when entering the Hall, there is a collection of old rescue helicopters used by the Airforce , aircraft used by the Eastern bloc during the « Cold War », and trainer aircraft. In the centre one can see the different aircraft used by NATO forces during the « Cold War » .

The far end of the Hall is deicated to the second World War, and transport aviation.

As you enter the Hall you cannot fail to notice a Sabena Caravelle mounted on a tall plinth. In the SABENA stand, an entire cockpit of a Boeing 707 is exhibited which you can visit on Tuesdays by booking beforehand, here can be seen various nostalgic souvenirs from the history of our old national airline.