The Restauration Workshop


Many aircraft from the 1908-1918 period exhibited on the first floor of the Air Hall have already been restored or manufactured on the basis of original plans by the volunteers of the AELR: the triplane Bataille, Pierre de Caters' plane, the Spad, the Nieuport 23, the only surviving original, &c. The current projects concern the Voisin type 5, the Halberstadt, of which the MRA holds the last copy in the world.

Several teams of volunteers from the AELR are still working on the restoration of old aircraft and engines, and on the construction of life-size replicas, based on original plans: the reassembly of the Gipsy Major engine for a didactic presentation, or the Renard R.31, of which a life-size model is under construction, financed by the Alfred Renard Foundation.

Those interested can see the work in progress on site by visiting us on Tuesday or preferably Saturday.

Coordinator of the restoration teams: Mike Lewis.


Directed by Dries Allaert